Hearing Aid Upgrade

When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

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Dr. Molly Dillon

Hearing Aid Upgrade

Over time, hearing aids and assisted devices age. Due to constant technological development they can also become obsolete. Even if you have a hearing aid that is in working order, you may want to consider upgrading.

The lifespan of your hearing aid depends on several factors. Usually, you can expect it to serve you for anywhere between three and seven years—and in some cases even longer. Factors include how well the instrument is built, how often it receives maintenance, and the general wear and tear of daily use.

 When your hearing aid stops working consistently, you could be eligible for new aids or a significant repair. However, there are reasons you may want to schedule an appointment with your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist to discuss an upgrade, even if your hearing aid is in working order.

Changes in Hearing Ability

Age-related hearing loss is a degenerative condition, which means it worsens as you get older. You should be getting like-new performance from your hearing aids, but if you are no longer getting that level of performance it may be time for an adjustment. Schedule an appointment with us at Blue Wave Hearing Centers to see if your hearing has changed beyond the capability of your current hearing aids. It is possible that you may need to upgrade to a more powerful instrument or a device with new technologies that meet your changing needs.

Life Changes

Big changes in your lifestyle can also have an impact on how effectively your hearing aid can work. Beginning a new office job with lots of conversation and busy meetings, a teaching job, or working on a construction site can all be impactful on your hearing and require a significant adjustment to your hearing aids. Even moving in with a large family or into a group home where there is much conversation and social activity can create the need for new hearing aids. If you were originally fitted for hearing aids based on a quieter lifestyle, any one of these scenarios could be the determining factor for hearing aids with more power or advanced capabilities.

Technological Advances

Another good reason to consider an upgrade is due to the advancements in hearing aid manufacturing. Many hearing aids now have features that were not available even a few years ago. Smart syncing technology is a big one of them. This allows you to connect your hearing aids to smart devices—computers, smartphones, televisions, audio equipment, et cetera—usually through Bluetooth for an easier hearing experience. There are also fun color options available to personalize your style.

Some hearing aids are able to do a better job of separating conversation from environmental noise by working with how your brain helps in hearing—features that help you to understand better and reduce mental fatigue. The brains inside of these devices work to automatically adjust and perform optimally to take the strain off of your brain.  

When Should I Upgrade My Hearing Aids?

Regardless of how well your current hearing aid is performing, it could be worth making an appointment with us at Blue Wave Hearing Centers to learn more about upgrading your devices. We can discuss improvements to your current devices, which may include adjusting the programming, cleaning the aids, or repairing them to some degree. However, if that does not solve the problem replacing them could be the answer.  

Now more than ever before, technology has innovated the manufacturing of hearing aids and equipped them with new features not previously available. These features are in place to make life a bit easier, a bit more connected. We can discuss your current lifestyle and if any of these features could be of benefit to you. If your work, hobbies, and social life have changed significantly since your first fitting, you may definitely want to consider an upgrade. The benefits are many and primary, but tertiary benefits include lowered risk of mental fatigue, social isolation, and depression.

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Essentially, better hearing health leads to better overall health. So, schedule an appointment with us at Blue Wave Hearing Centers today to keep the dialogue about your hearing health going. Ask questions about new developments in hearing aid technologies and how they can work for you. In the world of ever-evolving technology, do not let your hearing get left behind.