Hearing Aids

At Blue Wave Hearing Centers in Bella Vista, AR & Bentonville, AR, we are in the business of working with you to help you better connect to the ones you love and lead a healthier and happier life. For many people, the right hearing aids helps to accomplish this. Fortunately, there are multiple manufacturers who make incredible hearing aids featuring breakthrough technology – making for a lot of choice on the market. While this means that there are options for every need and preference, it can also feel really overwhelming for you. It is important to understand some basics about hearing aids before deciding which devices may be the best for you.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

As a truly independent and locally owned practice, we are proud to carry hearing aids from all the major hearing aid manufacturers.

Oticon hearing aids

Phonak hearing aids

ReSound hearing aids

Signia hearing aids

Widex hearing aids

Starkey hearing aids

Unitron hearing aids

Unitron hearing aids

Hearing Aid Styles

Styles of hearing aids refer to how the aids fit into or onto your ears. Our staff at Blue Wave Hearing Centers will work with you to find the best hearing aids to meet your needs.

Behind the ear hearing aids

Receiver in the ear hearing aids

In the ear hearing aids

completely in canal hearing aids

invisible in canal hearing aids

The Blue Wave Test Drive Process

At Blue Wave Hearing Centers, we understand that the decision to purchase a hearing aid is not one that can usually be made during one visit to a hearing aid center. We proudly offer The Hearing Aid Test Drive™ process, which allows our clients to actually wear and use their hearing aids out in the real world. Test your aids while driving, at home, at church, at the gym, or wherever your daily life takes you. We believe that this is the best way to determine if a certain pair of hearing aids are right for you. The best part is that we allow you to test drive different styles and technology levels without any commitment or deposit. The choice is yours – take The Hearing Aid Test Drive™.