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Blue Wave is Proud to Welcome Audiology Extern, Allie Austin!

Allie is a doctoral candidate from the University of Memphis and joins the Blue Wave Team with notable clinical experiences at world-renowned St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Allie will soon graduate with her Doctorate in Audiology, and she looks forward to a long career helping patients of all ages regain hearing, balance, and improved quality of life through her knowledge and expertise.

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Allie Austin, Doctoral Candidate

Allie Austin, Doctoral Candidate

Award-Winning Clinic Celebrates 25 Years

The Bella Vista location opened its doors to the public at Sugar Creek Center in 1999, making Blue Wave Hearing Centers the longest-running, independent, locally owned Audiology practice in Northwest Arkansas. Their mission goes beyond hearing care solutions by providing community service programs that include hearing screenings, hearing aid service centers, supplies for Veterans, and educational lecture series highlighting research and treatment options for hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders.  Over the years, Blue Wave Clinics have won over 17 Awards recognizing their excellence in patient care, customer service, and community outreach programs.

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Why Choose Blue Wave Hearing Centers?

We understand you have many options for your hearing healthcare, and we are honored you have landed here. At Blue Wave, we take the time to truly know and understand our patients and the community we serve. We understand each individual comes to us with a unique set of goals, needs, and hearing profiles. We use our knowledge of our community and our wealth of experience to provide each person who passes through our doors with individualized and innovative hearing healthcare solutions. We walk with you every step of the way on your journey to better hearing, and all of our services are completely guaranteed. We are proud to be an independent, local, and community-oriented clinic - dedicated to serving the Northwest Arkansas area.

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The people at the Bella Vista Hearing Center combine genuine skill and competency in assessing and addressing hearing issues, with an extraordinarily friendly and client-centered approach. For most of us, hearing aids are a very costly decision that cannot be made lightly. Even less do we want to make it under some pressure in places when selling products is more important than serving people. My experience with Bella Vista demonstrates a business really can put customers and customer care first. From offering a wide and candid assessment of options that might be available, to providing those interested with accurate assessments of their hearing-related challenges, to the certainty that we are meeting with people who really do care – this is just a great experience. This is not the nearest place advertizing hearing aids (I live north of Joplin), but there is no doubt the extra time and cost of driving to Bella Vista is more than worth it.
- Tom Lawson
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I found Molly in 2006 and she fitted me with a pair of hearing aids and it was kind of love at fires sight, then five years ago I purchased my second set and recently my third set and for the last eleven years her and her staff have bent over backwards to service me and keep my hearing aids in tip top condition. The Blue Tooth device that I have had for the last five years and a new one with my recent purchase is the most wonderful thing for listening to the TV. Wonderful people!
- Dave McElwain
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This place is absolutely amazing full of kind-hearted people that will do anything and everything to help you out and the young lady who works at the front desk and is the face of the company is absolutely amazing I would recommend this place to all of my family and friends.
– Eddie Fitzgerald
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Mother stumbled upon this resource and we are grateful she did. Beth Muller, Au.D, was attentive, intuitive, searching and inquisitive, until she wore away the layers of denial, embarrassment, and compensation for my mother’s hearing loss. Next week we go back to happily invest $6K+ for the set. Mother almost choked at the cost thinking someone had purchased aides at $1700, not understanding the price of quality and innovation. State of the Art hearing aides are worth EVERY penny. Stay tuned for the revelation…I can hardly wait myself, to see her precious eyes light up and see that wonderful smile.
– Shari Alexander
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Well all i can say is wow! I’v bin without hearing aids for some time now when i came across some new aids for sale that i could afford but when i went to a local hearing center to have them programmed for my hearing they wanted to charge almost $500 then i called some other’s places and got the same thing i don’t mind paying for services but come on really! so i looked online and saw the add for Blue wave hearing centers gave them a call and the said no charge for reprogramming and no charge for the test. I’m thinking no way got an appointment got tested and programmed $0.0 they did a great job very professional and friendly. i did purchase some custom ear molds. they have got a new customer for sure. Thanks BLUE WAVE
– Willie Freeman
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“Absolutely loved it! Thank you for all your help in getting my dad’s hearing aids. You have no idea how happy we are! Anybody in need — this is the place to go!”
- Allison Carnes
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Many hearing aid centers are sales operations. Blue Wave Hearing Centers stands apart from these types of establishments and exists to help people optimize their hearing experience. Friendly, knowledgeable, and highly competent staff.
- Rebecca Davis
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I have discovered firsthand the reason behind their high ratings and awards for both service and value. In this age of declining customer service, you will find Blue Wave Hearing Centers to be a very refreshing change. This is truly an outstanding group of professionals!
- Jim Dinwoodie
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The entire staff is very knowledgeable and up to date on all the latest advances in hearing technologies. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel at home!
- Paula Youens
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Being grateful for your help does not begin to explain how much you changed my life. Thank you.
- Mary Ann Smith
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I bought a pair of hearing aids from Blue Wave Hearing Centers 10 years ago and upgraded again in 2013. Everyone, from the front office to the audiologists, makes me feel welcome each time I step in the door. I love my hearing aids, the free hearing tests, cleanings, and adjustments for life! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hearing aids!
- Margaret Long
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Hearing Test Drive
hearing aid test drive

In most hearing healthcare clinics, you will be given an opportunity to try a hearing aid that the provider recommends. Most clinics will fine-tune the aids to your unique hearing prescription and will allow you to also test how they sound in your doctor’s office. At the end of the appointment, they will ask you how you feel about your hearing aids and if you would like to purchase them.

At Blue Wave Hearing Centers, we don’t believe that is enough. We understand that choosing hearing aids can be a big decision, and we don’t believe it is a decision that should be made in the constraints of an audiologist’s office or in just a single visit.

This is why we developed the Hearing Aid Test Drive™. With our unique process, you will be able to leave the clinic with hearing aids and without an obligation to purchase or even a deposit. We want you to have an opportunity to learn and “test drive” your hearing aids in the real world, in your real life. We understand that your hearing aids will feel and sound different at church, at a restaurant, and at your daughter’s house - and you deserve an opportunity to test them in these settings. We also encourage you to try many different types and styles to find the one that works best for your unique brain and needs.

Learn more about our test drive services here
hearing aid test drive

Our Focus on Education

It is our sincere belief that an educated community is a better community. We love informing our neighbors of the importance of hearing healthcare. This is why we offer at least monthly education opportunities for those in our community. Whether you are interested in asking questions about hearing aids, learning more about protecting your family’s hearing, or want some ideas on tinnitus treatment, we have you covered. Even if you don’t see an upcoming seminar covering your questions, never hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We always love and welcome an opportunity to help you become a more informed consumer.


At Blue Wave, it is our goal to provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art hearing healthcare services and solutions.

We proudly offer hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid repairs and maintenance, our trademark Test Drive Process, tinnitus treatment, balance assessments and custom hearing protection. For a more in-depth description of our services click the button below.

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1. Make an appointment for a FREE initial hearing exam.

2. Take home a state of the art hearing aid today. We allow you to try many different types and price levels with no commitment or deposit required.

3. Take your time to evaluating which hearing aid suits you best.

Reach Out to Our Friendly Team

If you think you or someone you love may be experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus, our friendly team is looking forward to hearing from you. It is our pleasure to work with members of our community to help us all connect a little more and live a little happier. We offer free initial consultations, education opportunities, innovative solutions, and experienced and caring staff.

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