The Smartest Rechargeable Hearing Technology

The Smartest Rechargeable Hearing Technology

Dr. Molly Dillon Hearing Aids, News

Dr. Molly Dillon

We recently started offering the AGXSM iQ, part of a new line of hearing aids inspired by cutting-edge research in virtual reality, advanced neuroscience, and signal processing. This breakthrough technology allows you to be immersed in the world like never before — and now it’s rechargeable.

The AGXSM iQ Rechargeable

Designed to provide high-quality, natural sound in even the most challenging environments, the AGXSM iQR hearing aids work with SurfLink wireless accessories to provide ear-to-ear streaming of calls, music, and media, with remote hearing aid control and a personalized hearing experience. You can immerse yourself in your world, then quickly recharge.

Say Hello to Rechargeable

Our new, best-in-class rechargeable hearing aids last 20 percent longer than other systems, are 30 percent smaller, and are 100 percent easy to use. Plus, our fast-charging and convenient system ensures you will never be left without hearing.

Our best hearing technology just got better:

  • Smallest rechargeable hearing aid available today!
  • No more hassle of disposable batteries.
  • Longest-lasting charge delivers over 30 hours of superior hearing with streaming.
  • All-in-one charger lets you grab your hearing aids and go.

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