Power of Sound: TED Talks on the Sound of Nature

Power of Sound: TED Talks on the Sound of Nature

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This week I wanted to talk about the miracle of sounds. We don’t often stop to think about all the amazing sounds our noisy world offers, and what so many of our patients are missing. As I was driving in the hills of Arkansas recently with limited signal, I was listening to the best of TED Talks. There was an interesting speaker, Bernie Krause, whose entire career has been spent recording nature sounds.

If you’re like me, you just thought, “What possible use could that have for ‘real world’ impact?” However, he described that by recording a forest before and after limited logging, they were able to prove the impact on the wildlife. You couldn’t see it, but you could hear it. Maybe because I wasn’t watching his talk, but listening through my earbuds, it came through so much clearer to me. Then he said something I thought was so important: “A picture may be worth a thousand words; a soundscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

We tend to take hearing for granted as somehow secondary to sight. However, it is so important to everything we do. I hope you take just a couple minutes to reflect on how impactful your hearing is to your quality of life, each and every day.

Here’s the link to the TED Talk if you are interested in watching.

Watch the Ted Talk